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NJ Cannabis Certified provides training for all entry level jobs in the cannabis industry, including dispensary training and entry level cultivation and lab technician training. Whether you are looking for a job in a dispensary or grow, or you just want to learn more about cannabis and how it interacts with the human body, this class is for you. It is open to the public.

New Jersey Cannabis Certified is the best way to learn the dispensary technician skills and find the job you are looking for in the New Jersey cannabis industry. Each Module concentrates on a fundamental topic related to working in the cannabis industry – cannabis cultivation, manufacturing, and dispensing. And since no single person is an expert in each area, we brought together a group of top industry professionals to teach you what they know best. We provide resume and cover letter building support and our instructors will give you the confidence to get that job!

Learn about New Jersey specific rules and regulations, the human body’s enodcannabinoid system, the basics of cultivation, cannabis taxonomy and terminology including cultivars and chemotypes, an introduction to processing of manufactured cannabis products and what is available here in New Jersey and elsewhere, and finally the ins and outs of working in a New Jersey dispensary and how to assist patients in the medical program that have qualifying conditions.

  • Broken down into five Modules and is taught live on Zoom over five consecutive Monday nights.
  • Classes run live from 6-9pm and are recorded and posted, along with all other class materials via password protected access.
  • Completion of the course requires attendance during live instruction and completion of a final 25 question quiz at the end of the class.
  • Students who complete the requirements will receive a certificate from the corresponding College.
  • The course fee is $500 and you can register by clicking the links below.




Cost: $500 | Register: Through the College Website links above | Requirements: Access to Zoom.

All class materials will be accessed online via password protected access.

Registered students will be provided login credentials one week prior to class start date.

Most employment in the industry requires you to be 21, sometimes 18. 

Any employment in the industry will require you to pass a background check.

Module One:

Federal and State Cannabis Laws and Regulations

Overview of federal and state laws that relate to medical and legalized marijuana across the United States, and specifically in New Jersey, including the details of the NJ Medical Marijuana Program and what the adult-use market might look like in NJ in the months and years to come under the new proposed legislation S21. Includes a discussion of business licensing, past and present, and details on how to register as a patient in the MMP. Resume building and job search advice is provided during Module 1 to help give students immediate access to possible employment opportunities.

Additional industry speakers join us throughout the class to talk about getting jobs in New Jersey and what it is like to work in the industry once you have that job. What it is like to work in a dispensary, grow, or other cannabis related professions, including providing security related services and how the United Food and Commercial Workers Union is involved in cannabis within the State.


Sarah Trent, Esq

Seth Tipton, Esq

Module Two:

Plant Physiology and the Basics of Cannabis Cultivation

Learn the basics of plant physiology and how that relates to the cannabis plant, taxonomy and nomenclature, morphology, breeding and genetics, including a primer on working in a grow. This Module is geared towards individuals that want to work for a licensed cannabis cultivator, although the topics covered in Module 2 are also important basics if you want to work in a dispensary as a dispensary technician or patient care agent.


Tom Gianfagna, PhD

Ally Verello

Nick D’Amelio

Module Three:

Manufactured Products and Testing

What manufactured products are out there in New Jersey and across the United States, how they are made, and how they are tested, with an in-depth look at the Rutgers Hemp Extension testing lab.


Ariane Vasilatis, PhD Candidate

Tim Weigand

Brian Staffa

Module Four:

The Endocannabinoid System and Reading the Product Label

A description of the human body’s endocannabinoid system and how cannabis and interacts with it, including the therapeutic benefits of cannabis, potential adverse effects, different forms of administration, including vaping, a discussion of whole plant medicine. The above topics are taught in a way to maximize students ability to work as a dispensary attendant or patient care agent, or working in an entry level position for a cannabis cultivator or lab.


Dr. Jahan Marcu

Module Four:

Dispensary Specific Training: Compliance, Dosing and Administration, & Patient Interaction

Learn the ins and outs of working in a dispensary, including how to assist patients in the MMP with dosing and administration, how to track allotments and purchases, and the importance of compliance. Class ends with instructors conducting role plays as an example of how to assist NJ MMP patients and, in the future, adult-use consumers.


Dr. Alan Ao

Spencer Belz

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